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A Gift from Rachel Foundation

was founded in 2004, in loving memory of Rachel, the only child of Steve and Joi Schrette. Rachel was a beautiful, bright, and healthy five-year old whose life was suddenly taken by meningococcal meningitis,on December 25, 2003. Rachel was a special little girl; her spirit touched many lives. She will never be forgotten. A Gift from Rachel Foundation is dedicated to the eradication of meningococcal meningitis through education, vaccinations, and advocacy; plus provides support for bacterial meningitis survivors and their families.


Bacterial Meningitis, like many vaccine preventable diseases is deadly. It knows no boundaries of race, age, geography, economic, or social class.


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This year's Strike Out Meningitis Bowling Benefit will be held on November 13th, 2011.


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A Gift From Rachel supports the efforts of the Meningitis Angel organization's Angel Wings program which helps young survivors of this horrible disease. Joi is on the Board of Directors of this amazing organization and is a California Team Leader.